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Jean Claude Boutrouille

Jean Claude in Santa Fe

jeanclaude | 17 August, 2017 08:42

My wife and I were for the fifht time in Santa at the beggining of the month: I enjoyed the 200 Art Galleries she enjoys the seminar: "Madness and Creativity" . She is the Mad Psychiatrist. I am the Creative guy.

It was a pleasure to meet Rolando Diaz at Ernesto Mayans Gallery,  Rolando Diaz at Rolando Diaz Fine Art and the manager a Patricia Carslisle Fine Art.

Abstract Painting

jeanclaude | 07 April, 2015 16:40

I will be developping this blog about Abstract Art regularly again !

Just coming from Washington and I saw two fantastic Turner at The National gallery of Art!



Turner (1775- 1851) is the first abstract painter!

In the same museum, by far the best in Washington! You have two Cezanne and one Monet....  very, very close of Abstraction!  But like for some critics of the sixties for Helene Frankenthaler... you can think: "Not finished" .......No true! Finished!  But the two painters were simply to early! Probably afraid?

 First abstracts were Mondrian, Malevich!  Carre and Rectangles are not my cup of tea! But they are the pioneers! 

The last Cezanne influenced Picasso and the Cubists.. "The father of all of us" (Picasso)

Van Gogh went close of abstraction at the end of his short life when in St Remy de Provence and later at Auvers sur Oise; but he had no successor... 

Paul Klee was influenced by Cubism but may be more by Surrealism, Expressionism and Orientalism; he is on the edge of Abstract Art..

The Cubists ( Juan Gris, Picasso and Braque ) stopped.... short of abstraction.....................Probably afraid ? 

Braque will stay faithfull to Cubism longer than Picasso! ( Think that after their discovery of Cubism they worked together one checking the painting of the other when finished!)*

Like De Koonig, Picasso will move back to a more figurative approach; but at the end he was copying himself! Not in a bad way like Dali with his last etchings ; but he needed to paint just like he needed to have sex! 

On the contrary, Matisse was still very creative an was taking more risk ! Even his illness was positive: He started  the cut out ("Decoupages") because he was in bed most of the time! 

Kandinsky was the first to get really close to Abstraction... followed pretty soon and more completely by Hans Hoffman and Ad. Reinhartd

Hoffman, like Kandinsky had an obsession with COLORS! And he was also a spiritualist! Like Paul Klee and Kandinsky! For some reason, Hoffman is more remembered as a teacher..But he was a real Master and the real first abstract painter! When in Paris he was friend of Robert Delaunay, Picasso and Braque and he owned a Paul Klee! 

Anyway Painting is interesting ONLY when there is MAGIC!  If you don't feel the URGE to STEAL a painting in a Gallery! Don't buy!

In Europe, a pionner, F Kupka moved in the direction of abstract painting after 1909 and much later  Nicolas de Stael 

and Robert and Sonia  Delaunay started abstract paintings in the forties.


With the forgotten : Poliakoff, "L'Architecte de la couleur


De Koonig and Pollock have been influenced by Matisse and Picasso via conversations with Hans Hoffman; but because of the famous cover of  Life Magazine Pollock is still seen as the first Abstract Expressionist!

We can look at some amusing similarities:  Matisse and Jackson Pollock are the masters of color, Picasso and De Koonig are the masters of drawing.

And also in their life : Picasso and Francoise Gillot, Matisse and Lydia , Pollock and Lee Krasner, De Koonig and Elaine.

As a former French, I am proud to say that Picasso was the more promiscuous of them and was sexually very active until the end! I saw him two times and the last one was in the summer of 1962 at the terrasse of Senequier in St Tropez with Jacqueline ; his  pant was in provencal style with little flowers and he was wearing a sailor shirt...**.His hands were running on the asses of the waitresses of the famous Cafe! I was in French Army supposedly leaving for Algiers pretty soon....




I found very interesting the link between musicians and painters I found in this marvelous book:

"Marcel Proust , une vie en musique " of Anne-Lise Gastaldi and Pierrre Ivanoff :

                              Jacques Drillon finds affinities between musicians and painters....

Mozart-Vermeer      Debussy-Proust    Stravinsky-Picasso      Webern- Mondrian-      Boulez-Paul Klee      

Same technique, same style de construction! 


I would add quite a few : Vivaldi-Botticelli      Franck-Rouault       Mahler-Matisse      Stockhausen-De Stael      Copland-Hopper        Cage-Dubuffet  

Some painters were real music fans : De Koonig had a fantastic and very expensive  record player and was listening to classical music -mainly Mozart- all the day.....

Nicolas de Stael was leaving Antibes (on The French Riviera where he killed himself later ) in the morning , driving fast his sport car to be in Paris in time for the Domaine Musical directed by Pierre Boulez : Boulez, Messiaen, Stockhausen, and my friend Luc Ferrari.


 * Can you tell when a painting is finished?

  You never know .. sometimes you need two weeks of scratching and re-painting to be back where you were one hour earlier and sometimes you overwork and the painting will  finish on the curb!

**First time I am advertising! For the sailor shirt! I found the Picasso shirt in this company! 

Madame Bovary

jeanclaude | 22 March, 2015 01:47

In French.. Jean Rochefort: Madame Bovary for the young illiterate...

Jean Paul Gautier

jeanclaude | 26 February, 2015 15:52


Adevertising could be beautiful!



Jean Claude at ART FUSION

jeanclaude | 25 November, 2014 10:10

Jean Claude canoeing! In 1950 !

jeanclaude | 27 October, 2014 06:46


Shot around 1950 on the Loiret in France by my high school friend, Michel Pruner.. I am in  the front...

Michel's son, Nicolas Pruner is a well known plasticien in France.......

Michel Pruner is a retired University professor, stage Director and writer..


jeanclaude | 20 October, 2014 02:20

Jean Claude's wife and William Braemer at Art Fusion in front of two 60x72 from Jean Claude...



jeanclaude | 20 October, 2014 02:17

Jean Claude starts at Art Fusion

jeanclaude | 03 October, 2014 08:20

                            Mes 3 chefs d'oeuvres!


Jean Claude last painting

jeanclaude | 03 October, 2014 08:13

It's a 60 x 72                           Still a work in progress


It's changing each day.. could be exposed in New York? go to the Garbage can? (A big one!) or recover with black or white painting and restarts someday......
















Cernuda Arte

jeanclaude | 17 September, 2014 10:43

Another very good Gallery...closer from home..In Miami

Cernuda Fine Art is showing Cuban Painters and their favorite is the Cuban-French-Martinique Wilfredo Lam


Leslie SAKS Fine ART

jeanclaude | 17 September, 2014 10:33


I just received an email from Leslie Saks Fine Art about their next exhibition: CLASSICAL VALUES , Modern & Contempray Drawings.

 Leslie Saks Fine Art   ..a Gallery at the top!  

I am pleased to put this blog after "Words and Pictures" ..



jeanclaude | 17 September, 2014 02:03



Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche in "Words and Pictures" from Fred Schepisi ! A GREAT movie! About Painting, Litterature and.....Alcoholism!

For people who can read only!*

 !John Updike, Marcel Proust, James Joyce or Louis Ferdinand Celine!

From the Atelier to Art Fusion

jeanclaude | 10 September, 2014 09:28

I don't have 400 employees like Jeff Koon and the dealers don't cross the Atlantic with an overblowon jacket full of cash  like they did for Picasso......



.....So I have to rent a U-HAUL and carry my paintings to ART FUSION in the Winwood Art District in Miami...


 I had been received by the owner, William Braemer...








The show starts on October 01th until December and may be later until March 2015.

I have two 60 x 72:



And four 36 x 36







Road to Europe

jeanclaude | 27 June, 2014 11:54



 First stop : Lampedusa in Italy and after assisted in France.


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